About Alpha U

A few years back I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle – lots of junk food, no exercise and my daily work routine was mind numbing, I was miserable. I decided to completely overhaul my lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular exercise, I also realised it was time to quit my job and move onto something else. I started Alpha U with hopes of helping others out of the same rut I was stuck in, with carefully selected products to help you on your way to a healthy body and a happy mind.

Alpha U is a trading name of Loot Cave Ltd


Our mission at Alpha U is to bring you the best quality health supplements available, all manufactured here in the UK using powerful natural ingredients. We are highly committed researching and sourcing the highest quality ingredients for our formulas to deliver some of the most effective products on the market. Our products are designed with you in mind. Be the Alpha U with a healthy body and happy mind.

Alpha U is a trading name of Loot Cave Ltd

Alpha U is a Trading Name of LootCave Ltd.
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